Many of us have waited for this moment and finally it is here. The critically acclaimed PS4 RPG God of War has found its way to PC in the most spectacular way possible and can be attained through Steam, bringing the fire of war to many other genres that would seek to compete with it on an epic scale.

Where to begin? On the PS4, the game was a visual treat of practically no competition and so it is on the PC. The visuals are refined as much as they possibly could be, the lands that you will witness are stunning beyond comprehension and well designed, whilst the enemies themselves are everything from gritty, gross, to straight up terrifying and in some cases even beautiful in their own way. Be it the Light of the Elves you seek or the cold of Helheim, you will find that your eyes shall be delighted all the same.
In addition to that, the attention to detail in the game is immense and without equal by far. It is truly a sight that one could take in for days whilst experiencing a new, breath taking sight each time, each of the sights, telling a tale of its own through excellent ambiental storytelling.

Whether you want to slam someone with your axe, devour them with a certain set of blades or just straight up launch yourself into someones face with fists and shield blazing, you can. What is even better about it, is you do so in a spectularly bloody, gory fashion, which leaves a memorable imprint on ones mind.
The combat is varied, interesting and allows for multiple approaches. From stunning the enemy from afar, to coming up close and annihilating every fibre of their existence, it will be a joy all the same. There’s not many games that come close to God of War’s Combat system nowadays for a good reason, especially seeing it expanded with a proper and refined skill tree that allows you to tune every aspect of your combat experience that you would want.
What is perhaps the most memorable however, are the boss battles themselves. God of War has a streak of epic god battles in the past editions of the games themselves and this one, perhaps tops that feeling to a whole new level. From battling the gods to slaying mighty dragons, you will do it all and the memories of the battles will be ones to last you a long time, you could say that they are truly worth of a God of War.

The Story
To everyone, Kratos in the previous installments of the games was always known as this anger struck and hate filled man that had on top of it all been a savage God of War, yet in this installment, one begins to see another side of Kratos rather early on, a softer side that makes the character all the more complex than one would’ve thought of him to be initially. The main reason for us experiencing his softer side, would be his son Atreus, to which Kratos is emotionally tied, wanting the best for the boy whilst having to deal with him well, being a child and a god at the same time and as time goes on, one does see how the layers begin to peel off, revealing who Kratos truly is deeper inside.
This in turn, evolves into a delicate, interesting and most of all a surprisingly touching story. A tale that one should for sure, if they haven’t yet, experience, especially now that the game will be available on PC as well.

The controls are perhaps the most refined I’ve ever seen for a game that has gone from PS4 to PC. Everything was well located on both the keyboard and the mouse and most of all, it had made sense. Not once in my playthrough have I thought to myself, “Hmh. This is a bit clunky”. Big plus from me there, as that is a rarity yet a most welcome one.
In addition to the spectacular story that the game presents and the gory, bloody combat, you will be drawn in by its innumerous secrets, puzzles and locations to explore. God of War feels like an open world RPG should. Filled with life, soul and meaningful places to explore.
This is only complimented by the indepth crafting system that it has to offer, which allows one to make a variety of gear and equip it seamlessly, furthermore, the gearing system in itself is a treat as it allows players to further fine tune the combat that they’ve come to love already, with the use of runes.

Is God of War a game I recommend? Most certainly. It is an amazing experience to play through and as to how much I would rate the game? I would rate it BOY out of 10.

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